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The mission of American Family Cookies, Inc. is to provide the highest level of quality service and products to our customers, licensees, and employees through our chain of company-owned and licensed cookie stores.  Highest quality to us means, the best products for the best price for our customers, extraordinary services to our customers, a caring and supportive environment to work in for our employees and a great investment and business opportunity for our licensees.


The concept and predecessor of American Family Cookies, Inc. were founded over 30 years ago by Bob Gregory.  The Cookie Store brand was acquired shortly thereafter, and Bob has been operating “The Cookie Store”  retail units as company-owned stores ever since then.  During this 30 year period, Bob and his team have been perfecting “The Cookie Store” concept, making it better all the time.  Our concept and brand have been slowly “baking” for more than 30 years.


The sight and smell of fresh-baked cookies bring about a rush of sentiment and reminiscence for almost everyone. Perhaps this is why a cookie is truly a timeless treasure. Through economic prosperity and difficulty, joy and sorrow, peace and turbulence, cookies have provided delight for children and comfort for adults of all ages. The historical success of “The Cookie Store” is in part due to this timeless quality.

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